Mapping the future

VISUALIZING intelligence

For over 30 years, we have been creating groundbreaking scientometric maps. We are leading the field by analyzing science, technology, and innovation, in order to implement data-driven research strategies.

recent work

Preliminary Pubmed Model

Our PubMed model containing 16M papers (2000-2019) is available here

Thousands of scientists publish a paper every five days

Read our latest article in Nature with longtime collaborator, John Ioannidis, here.

What are the indicators for predicting grant proposal success?

Read about our work with University of Michigan in our proof of principle paper, Toward Predicting Research Proposal Success (SCIM 2019), and Toward Predicting Proposal Success: An Update (ISSI 2019) here.

Providing in-depth portfolio analysis

Learn more about our Topics Prominence Tool, found on Elsevier's SciVal, here.

predictive analytics

Recruitment & Collaboration

Our SciTech Recruitment and Collaboration tools identify tomorrow's topic experts and partners.

Research Intelligence

Our Research Intelligence tools facilitate sight, insight, and foresight for senior leadership.

Research Planning

We lay out pathways and intentions for achieving our client's desired altruistic and/or economic future.

Research Portfolio Analysis

We accurately predict future funding and rates of discovery for emerging and mature topics.

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